Death at a Discount-Sharon Dunn

Death at a Discount

Sharon Dunn

Multnomah, Jan 20 2009, $12.99

ISBN: 9781590526910


Accompanied by her husband Earl, Bargain Hunters Network guru Ginger Solinaski and her friend BHN member Suzanne Thames travel from their hometown Three Horses, Montana to Denver because the two females will appear as guests on the Discount and Value Network. The hostess Stephanie expected to work their show fails to arrive while another Candace demands her coveted spot.  A snowstorm strands everyone at the studio and its adjacent warehouse while the two BHN members become separated after Suzanne compulsively slips into a buying binge.


While Ginger worries about Suzanne praying to God to protect her, the latter is caught outside in the cold where she finds a corpse.  With the power gone, Ginger finds Earl’s pepper spray flashlight handy especially after she notices blood on a cart.  When Candace is found murdered too Ginger fears for the safety of her still missing friend and begins to wonder who the killer is.


This engaging entry combines a couple of apropos timely messages that in bad economic times and when one errs God is still there.  The cozy story line moves a bit slow as much of the action occurs off page.  However fans will appreciate the latest BHN inspirational amateur sleuth (see DEATH OF A GARAGE SALE NEWBIE and DEATH OF A SIX-FOOT TEDDY BEAR) even if only two of the four protagonists made it to Denver and they are in separate subplots for much of the tale as their friendship shines throughout. 


Harriet Klausner


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