Scarpetta-Patricia Cornwell


Patricia Cornwell

Putnam, Dec 2008, $27.95

ISBN: 9780399155161


Kay Scarpetta and Benton Wesley are married and for the first time in their long relationship, they are not only in the same state, they share the same house.  She is the medical examiner for the Northeastern District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and both are guest lecturers at NYC’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  They also provide free consulting services for agencies to include NYPD.


Oscar Bane, a little person, checks himself into Bellevue after seeing his lover, also a little person, dead; a homicide victim.  Benton does a pre evaluation and Oscar reveals he will not talk to anyone except Scarpetta.  When she arrives Oscar tells her that “they” are watching him and know every move he makes.  He also tells her to find a disc hidden in his apartment so she will know he is not paranoid.  The police believe Bone killed his significant other, but Scarpetta based on forensics does not even believe he warrants a warrant.  Further research reveals other people were killed in a similar fashion; each wearing an ankle bracelet.  Kay, Lucy, prosecutor Jaime Berger, and investigator Pete Marino begin to seek a serial killer who enjoys torture and murder.


It has been two decades since Scarpetta was introduced and over that time the characters have changed and grown.  Bonds have formed and others broken; now Kay and Benton take the next step in their relationship.  However as always in this great series, SCARPETTA is first and foremost a superb crime thriller filled with action though character driven.  Readers will fully enjoy the heroine and her horde’s latest adventures as Patricia Cornwell affirms why she is this reviewer’s favorite crime thriller author.


Harriet Klausner

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