Undying-V.K. Forrest


V.K. Forrest

Kensington, Dec 2008, $15.00

ISBN: 075821717X


They worshipped the pagan gods and when St. Patrick came to their shore to convert them, they fought him.  As a punishment, God turned the Kahill Sept into vampires; most of them were destroyed by slayers.  The survivors fled to the New World and worshipped the One God, praying for redemption.  They seek out and execute evil predators; those the police cannot catch.


Teddy, a vicious killer who murders entire families by burying them together alive, is stalking Macy.  He has even contacted her via I.M.  Macy meets Arlen Cahill and they have sex.  She is drawn to Clare Point, Delaware where the Kahill Sept lives.  Macy has given information on the killer stalking her to FBI Agent Fia, who is part of the Sept.  What she sees at the Cahill compound seems surreal, but erased from her memory by a blood bite.  However even with Arlan watching over her Teddy finds her.  Knowing she is in danger, Arlan with the help of a teenage psychic tries to save Macy.


This paranormal mystery is an enthralling work.  The Kahills/Cahills are good people seeking to redeem themselves from their one blasphemous error centuries ago.  They are the key that makes this thriller spellbinding as the UNDYING vampires seem genuine.  Although psychopathic serial killers are an overdone predator, the stalking of Macy also appears real as her fears and desires come across as plausible.  V.K. Forrest provides a fascinating spin to the vampiric mythos.


Harriet Klausner


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