Undercover Angel-Karen Wiesner

Undercover Angel

Karen Wiesner

Whiskey Creek, Oct 2008

ISBN: 1603132740


Network short term operations chief Shannon McKee supervises the daily actions of the organization whose mission is to eliminate evil villains.  However, she also has a personal agenda though she refuses to let her obsession interfere with the work of the Network.  Instead she has patiently waited for the right time to annihilate drug kingpin Mareno Ortega, whom she holds culpable for the overdose death of her brother.


The opportunity arises so Shannon jumps at it; going undercover to bring down Ortega.  Her former lover ex SEAL Captain and now Network lead strategist Ron Blair worries about the woman he loves when he learns of her mission.  Meanwhile Shannon is stunned that the monster she thought Ortega to be is also kind and caring to his children.  If she is not careful she will see the other side of Ortega while Ron plans on rescuing his woman and saving his heart with the latter mission much more complicated.


The seventh Incognito thriller is a superb tale due to the characterizations that make the fast paced story line so much more exciting.  Shannon and Ron are a fully developed couple with issues while Ortega is a complete adversary who shows a soft side as much as his tough exterior.  UNDERCOVER ANGEL is a great entry in a consistently excellent series.


Harriet Klausner

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