The Other Side of Silence-Bill Pronzini

The Other Side of Silence

Bill Pronzini

Walker, Oct 5 2008, $24.00

ISBN: 9780802717139


Since his son’s death and the consequential breakup of his marriage, corporate security specialist Rick Fallon is a loner.  Thus when he goes camping in the Mohave Desert, he goes by himself.  In fact he selects an isolated section of Death Valley so climatically anti-human no one will disturb him.


However to his chagrin he is not alone as he finds an abandoned car with a suicide note on it.  Frantic Casey Dunbar has given up on life after spending the past few months futilely searching for her eight year old son, abducted by his father, her former husband Court Spicer.  Rick finds her and saves her life to her bitterness and outrage.  She explains that adding to her frustration and hopelessness is the knowledge her ex spouse couldn’t give a sh*t about his offspring; instead his objective is to destroy her, which he has succeeded in doing.  Rick offers to investigate; Casey accepts as their encounter in Death Valley brings both back to life.


Starring a named detective, THE OTHER SIDE OF SILENCE is a terific investigative thriller with a great low-keyed final spin.  The cast is fully developed especially Rick and Casey.  Although mostly straightforward investigating, fans will fully appreciate the great Bill Pronzini’s strong tale.


Harriet Klausner

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