The Memorist-M.J. Rose

The Memorist

M.J. Rose

Mira, Nov 2008, $24.95

ISBN: 0778325849


As a youngster, Meer Logan only drew pictures of what looked like a treasure chest.  Her family obviously noticing the pattern asked her why she insisted on drawing only this object.  Meer explained that she had seen it before although no one including her could figure out when; her parents assumed it was youthful imagination though they were somewhat concerned with her seemingly compulsive behavior disorder.


Now an adult, Meer’s sixty-five year old dad Jeremy, known as the “Jewish Indiana Jones” and who works in a Vienna auction house found the box listed in an auction catalogue.  Inside the box is a letter that leads Jeremy to conclude that the artifact once was owned by Beethoven’s beloved.  Meer heads to Austria where memories flood her mind starting with the same flute tune that makes her wonder if she was Beethoven’s lover in a previous life.  As father and daughter seek a mystical flute, a murder and the stealing of the box and its letter makers both of them fear someone has a different fate in store for them.


THE MEMORIST is much more complex than the exhilarating THE REINCARNATIONIST, as M.J. Rose provides a superb thriller.  There are several subplots that converge on Meer who like her dad begins to believe in her previous life.  Meer, her dad and several other support players are fully developed so that the audience believes in all the seemingly paranormal nuances.  Set aside plenty of time as this is not a fast read, but worth the time as THE MEMORIST is memorable.


Harriet Klausner


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