Blood Moon-M.R. Sellars

Blood Moon

M.R. Sellars

WillowTree, Oct 2008, $14.95

ISBN: 9780979453335


Pagan witch Rowan Gant and his wife Felicity are there when their special friend FBI agent Constance Mendility is shot by Felicity’s half sister Annalise Devereaux.  She was the host for the evil spirit Miranda and taking advantage of the fact she and Felicity look so much alike she made it seem like her sibling was the killer and the one into BDSM.  Miranda wants to leave Annalise to ride Felicity, but Rowen prevents the switch from happening.  In fact both witches need a holiday from all the trauma they have been intwined in lately.  Rowan, a medium who communicates with the dead, vows not to listen to them anymore because his efforts only lead to trouble for him and his wife.


Unfortunately Rowen misunderstands communication is two way and the deceased refuse to honor his wishes.  One particularly insistent spirit wants to talk to Rowan.  Detective Ben Storm thinks it is a young woman who wears a puncture mark on her neck and the blood from her body drained.  Rowan relcutantly acqueices and learns another body with the same markings is waiting to be found.  When a third woman vanishes, the niece of Christian fundamentalist Captain Barbara Albright, who insists Rowan is a devil worshipper, she pulls strings to get him to search for her relative.  Rowan places himself in danger in an attempt to end the serial killings.


As usual, the Rowan Gant paranormal mystery is a thrill to read as psychic and magical powers play key roles in polcie investiagtions.  Rowan wants to walk away from his responsibilities which physcially shows up with blinding headaches and bleeding, but knows he cannot as he is needed.  With a bit of humor mostly to ease the stess levels of readers, , BLOOD MOON is another superb paranormal whodunit. This great Gant novel is a must read.


Harriet Klausner

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